About The Yorkshire Business Club - YBC

The Yorkshire Business Club is Bradford's Premier Networking Lunch 

The Yorkshire Business Club (YBC) was founded in 2005 and has always centred itself in Bradford. The YBC is an informal group of Business Men and Women who know, like and trust each other, who wanted to meet to network, refer business and build trusted partnerships, without the pressure and expense of some of the other formal networking groups,
We are interested in building genuine partnerships with complementary businesses as customers, suppliers, cross referrers and complementary services. This not only builds our business, it broadens our own business offerings, elevates our own sphere of influence and standing. Many members group together to offer complementary services that can see through a large complex projects through from start to completion.
As we have developed long term relationships between ourselves we can also act as an informal support mechanism for each other to help each through both good and harder times.
As a Business Lunchtime Network, the YBC needs 1 or 2 rules and principles, but our organisation is ostensibly built on mutual respect and trust.

YBC Membership Rules

We just don't have that many rules, it is more of an understanding and mutual respect. It is probably easier to say what our rules aren't:
  • There is no minimum attendance requirement, some members can make more meetings than others and we all get a must see client meeting that over rides long standing appointments. That said, if you don't turn up, there is no point being a member, you need to get to know the members and keep them up to date with what is going on in your business. We meet twice a month (so not too onerous and plenty to discuss each time we meet).
  • There are no Joining Fees, in fact the only fees all you pay are there cover the lunch and venue
  • There is no pressure to pass referrals for the sake of it
  • It is good practice to try to meet up with members for a 1-2-1 to help us understand each other's businesses that much better. What better place to do  a 1-2-1 than The Midland Hotel with its free WI-FI , quiet seating areas, coffee lounge, bar and restaurant.
  • We do try to keep members to a single industry sector so as to avoid obvious conflicts, this is done with a bit of understanding, common sense, mutual respect and a bit of give and take.
  • Members are encouraged to invite guests. Visiting businesses are the life blood of our meetings and it is always great to hear from new and established businesses alike.
  • Perhaps the most important "rule" is to have a bit of fun and not to be too serious.

YBC Mission

The Yorkshire Business Club Mission is to:

  • To pass business opportunity and strategic partnership referrals to our trusted colleagues
  • To aid and assist each  other in our day to day business
  • To enjoy the meetings and to bring energy to the group.

YBC Social

The Yorkshire Business Club Is as much fun as it is effective 

From time to time we like to go out as a group, this may be a Curry somewhere or a Christmas drink, either way informality is the order of the day

If you would like to find out more please feel free to contact a member or use our contact form or review our information for visitors.

If you are worried about potential conflict please review our list of members and contact them to discuss, common sense always prevails.